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Usenet Explorer 6.1.1 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 6.1.1 brengt de volgende veranderingen:

- The compact binary import newsgroup type has been updated to remember the posted newsgroups, as this wasn't added at first to keep the code manageable internally.

- When the Import as collection option was enabled in Edit menu->Properties->Search/Import in rare cases two custom collections could be created instead of one.

- In the case of misnamed files and therefore repair required beyond renaming them the extra par2 files article tasks could be canceled prematurely after individual renaming before the main (asynchronous) repair could be performed.

- The default newsgroup retention for new installs has been changed from 120 days to 365 days as a more logical choice, while the last headers were left at 30M (Edit menu->Properties->Newsgroups, the topmost Default entry). Those settings can be changed manually of course.

- Automatic deep scan option for misnamed and corrupted (at the same time) files wasn't engaged as it should.

- Asynchronous task status column info has been refined.

- Rearranged the Par2 menu for clarity

- Fixed several small issues.

- This release is still accompanied with v5.9.5 release where only relevant changes have been applied (see v5.x release notes).

- This version is currently being whitelisted with Microsoft Defender. This note will be removed when the process is complete. Use "Run Anyway" (once) if prompted by the antivirus.