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Transmission 4.0.4 changelog

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Transmission 4.0.4 brengt de volgende veranderingen:

What's New in 4.0.4

All Platforms

  • Fixed bug in sending torrent metadata to peers. (#5460)
  • Avoid unnecessary heap memory allocations. (#5520, #5527)
  • Fixed filename collision edge case when renaming files. (#5563)
  • Fixed locale errors that broke number rounding when displaying statistics, e.g. upload / download ratios. (#5587)
  • Always use a fixed-length key query in tracker announces. This isn't required by the spec, but some trackers rely on that fixed length because it's common practice by other BitTorrent clients. (#5652)
  • Fixed potential Windows crash when getstdhandle() returns NULL. (#5675)
  • Fixed 4.0.0 bug where the port numbers in LDP announces are sometimes malformed. (#5825)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing the query part of a tracker URL. (#5871)
  • Fixed a bug where Transmission may not announce LPD on its listening interface. (#5896)
  • Made small performance improvements in libtransmission. (#5715)

macOS Client

  • Updated code that had been using deprecated API. (#5633)

Qt Client

  • Fixed torrent name rendering when showing magnet links in compact view. (#5491)
  • Fixed bug that broke the "Move torrent file to trash" setting. (#5505)
  • Fixed Qt 6.4 deprecation warning. (#5552)
  • Fixed poor resolution of Qt application icon. (#5570)

GTK Client

  • Fixed missing 'Remove torrent' tooltip. (#5777)

Web Client

  • Don't show null as a tier name in the inspector's tier list. (#5462)
  • Fixed truncated play / pause icons. (#5771)
  • Fixed overflow when rendering peer lists and made speed indicators honor prefers-color-scheme media queries. (#5814)
  • Made the main menu accessible even on smaller displays. (#5827)


  • Fixed "no such file or directory" warning when adding a magnet link. (#5426)
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong decimal separator to be used in some locales. (#5444)


  • Fixed display bug that failed to show some torrent labels. (#5572)

Everything Else

  • Ran all PNG files through lossless compressors to make them smaller. (#5586)
  • Fixed potential build issue when compiling on macOS with gcc. (#5632)