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SABnzbd 4.2.0 changelog

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SABnzbd 4.2.0 brengt de volgende veranderingen:

Key changes since 4.1.0

  • Duplicate detection workflow overhaul:

    • Series Duplicate Detection was replaced by Smart Duplicate Detection
      that can also detect Movie and Daily Show duplicates.
    • Additionally, duplicates will also be detected if they are still in the queue.
    • More information: https://sabnzbd.org/wiki/duplicate-detection
  • Interface changes:

    • Added ability to filter the Queue and History by status.
    • RSS-feed that provided the download is shown in History details.
    • macOS/Windows 10 & 11: Added Open Folder button to Job/Queue finished notifications.
      Clicking any type of notification will now open a browser with SABnzbd.
  • Performance and usability improvements:

    • Numerous smaller performance improvements were made.
    • Server IP-address selection was optimized.
    • The Internet Bandwidth test was made more reliable.
    • macOS/Windows: Updated to Python 3.12 and par2cmdline-turbo v1.1.1.
  • Configuration changes:

    • The On queue finish script is now set in Switches.
    • Reduced recursive unpacking to 2 levels, instead of 5.
    • Duplicate detection related Pre-queue script input parameters were removed.
      You will need to update your Pre-queue script.
      More information: https://sabnzbd.org/wiki/configuration/4.2/scripts/pre-queue-scripts
    • Stricter check if Complete Folder is inside Download Folder.
    • Windows: Prevent use of network drive as Download Folder.

Bug fixes since 4.1.0

  • Fixed an issue where the multi-select option in the queue was not working for some users.
  • Prevented a crash that would occur during the saving of configuration settings.
  • Jobs with larger articles could stall the queue for several minutes.
  • Ensured that server warnings are always displayed to users.
  • If weblogging was enabled, output was also written to regular log.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a failed download from the History could break active downloads.