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SABnzbd 4.1.0 changelog

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SABnzbd 4.1.0 brengt de volgende veranderingen:

Changes since 4.0.3

  • Added a dark mode for the Config, Login, and Wizard pages.
  • Added multi-select to the History.
  • Show the number of items in post-processing when in Tabbed mode.
  • Added option verify_xff_header to include X-Forwarded-For when
    validating if connections should be accepted when using a proxy.
  • Added option to purge log files from the Folders Config page.
  • Moved Server IP address selection and On failure, try alternative NZB to Special settings.
  • Special setting ipv6_servers changed to on/off.
  • Only use 7zip to unpack .zip files.
  • Windows: Added option enable_multipar to use par2cmdline-turbo
    instead of Multipar for verification and repair. It is faster,
    but on Windows it can fail on special (UTF8) filenames.
  • macOS: Switched to par2cmdline-turbo for verification and repair.
  • Linux: Detect more recent versions of 7zip.
  • Windows: Use All Users locations during installation of shortcuts.
  • Windows/macOS: Updated Python to 3.11.5, 7Zip to 23.01 and
    UnRar to 6.23. All these updates include security fixes.

Bugfixes since 4.0.3

  • Series duplicate detection did not detect duplicates.
  • Sorting would append .1 to some filenames.
  • If a paused queue contained items with Force priority,
    items with a lower priority would also be downloaded.
  • Not all API-keys were removed during log-sanitization.
  • In certain situations, not all data would be written to disk.
  • Folder names could be sanitized too eagerly.
  • Some articles would fail to decode.
  • QuickCheck could wrongly rename files with identical content.
  • Warning about Scripts Folder location was triggered incorrectly.