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Usenet Explorer 6.1 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 6.1 brengt de volgende veranderingen:

- The compact binary type has been adapted for the import groups as an option, offering potentially significant memory savings and much faster group load. In the past it was only used for classic binary newsgroups, while the nzb files were not as common as currently.

- Added the number of character repetition pattern to boolean wildmats without compromising the search code speed. Search service side has been updated as well and can handle the pattern. The change in syntax is so subtle that the previous search patterns should not be normally affected.

- The search protocol had to be upgraded to properly accommodate trial searches on the search server without a public IP (see UE forum).

- Fixed a few minor issues discovered during the development.

- This release is accompanied with v5.9.4 release, the latter with only minimum changes (see v5.9.4 release notes).