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NNTPGrab 0.7.2 changelog

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NNTPGrab 0.7.2 brengt de volgende veranderingen:

  • Allow the user to kill the NNTPGrab Server using the Qt frontend
  • Allow frontends to shutdown the Qt-based NNTPGrab Server
  • The move to top/up/down/bottom buttons in the download queue context menu in the Qt frontend were broken. Fixed. Bug #90
  • Translated the Linux desktop files
  • Make sure all messages are translated in the Qt frontend on Mac OS X
  • Saving the download queue on win32 and win64 could result in a 'Permission denied' error. Fixed. Resolves the issue mentioned at http://nntpgrab.nl/boards/2/topics/369
  • When importing a collection using the Qt frontend from the Online Search the collection name would get stripped unnecessary. Resolves the issue mentioned at http://nntpgrab.nl/boards/1/topics/446
  • The automatic shutdown button wasn't visible in the Gtk frontend any more as of version 0.7.0. Fixed. Resolves the issue mentioned at http://nntpgrab.nl/boards/1/topics/371
  • Connecting to a NNTPGrab Server in the Gtk3 frontend could result in an assertion failure. Fixed. Resolves the issue mentioned at http://nntpgrab.nl/boards/1/topics/434
  • Fixed a small rendering issue in the Gtk3 frontend when using Gtk 3.4.0 or higher
  • Fixed a crash in the Qt frontend which could occur when a plugin event was triggered without any parameters
  • Automatic PAR2 repair and automatic unpack wasn't working in the Gtk frontend on Mac OS X. Fixed
  • Fixed a possible crash in the NetworkManager plugin
  • Fix compile failure in the Qt frontend when Subversion 1.7 is installed
  • Fix compile failure in the Gtk frontend when using Gtk3 on win32 and win64 environments
  • Fix compile failure in the PHP module when using PHP 5.4